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You may need to undergo a drug and alcohol evaluation if you exhibit any of the following signs

Addiction occurs when both the brain and the body become completely dependent upon a substance. Drug or alcohol addiction, although treatable, can ruin families, lead to bankruptcies, and even cause death. In drug rehab clinics, the first treatment they give to an addict is an assessment of their addiction. If you are concerned about someone, they may require a substance evaluation visit this link.

1.Isolation. People who abuse drugs or alcohol will begin to isolate from others as they become more addicted. The desire to experience a drug high, combined with any guilt they feel, is what leads them to isolate themselves.

Loss in Interest Many addicts place their drug and alcohol addiction above all else, and lose interest in the activities and hobbies that they love.

Money Issues: Many addicts to drugs or alcohol are struggling with money. This is because the addicts spend all their money trying to purchase drugs.

Addicts who drink or use drugs are more prone to missing work, performing poorly at their jobs or being absent from the workplace. Addicts often lose their jobs which can lead to depression and drug use.

Drug and Alcohol Addictions: Some drug and alcohol users hurt their family members in an effort to obtain drugs and get high. It can create major problems for the entire family.

Addiction to drugs and alcohol can cause serious health problems and even death.

Addicts addicted alcohol or drugs will experience mood swings frequently as their addiction progresses. When high, addicts can be very happy. When they can't get their favorite drug, depression and anxiety may begin.

Drug or alcohol abuse can lead to legal problems for many people. Addiction to alcohol and drugs can lead people to commit theft, assaults or DUIs.

Look out for signs that someone in your life is using alcohol or drugs. It will be necessary to conduct a substance use assessment before any professional treatment can begin.

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