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You can Customize Your Privacy Fence in Five Different Ways

There are many options available to homeowners who want a fence that is a bit more stylish. They can customize and embellish a standard privacy fence. The article below offers some tips on how to combine different fence styles in order to make a privacy fencing that is unique.

The privacy fence has become a popular neighborhood fence style. The basic cedar solid fence offers both seclusion and a simple, clean look. Privacy fencing becomes monotonous when it is repeated yard after yard.

There are many options available for those who prefer the privacy and style of cedar fencing but do not want their yard to blend in with others. There are many customization options if you want a fence that has a little flair.

When you start planning, look around your neighborhood for unique and interesting fences. The most beautiful designs combine several fence styles. You can create a unique privacy fence by combining elements of several different styles.

You can personalize your fence with these ideas:

Basic Privacy Fencing

Standard cedar privacy fencing measures 6 feet tall and has tightly fitted boards. For a uniform, smooth appearance, the top of a cedar privacy fence is typically flat. Dog-eared boards can be used to create a pattern on the top of a privacy fence. Try experimenting with different widths of boards or alternate board heights.

Picture Frame Fencing

Picture frame fencing is an ornamental variation on privacy fence. The vertical rails and horizontal posts that surround the fencing sections give it its name. Framing is both attractive and offers customization options. The frame can be customized by selecting the height of the boards, how many boards are in each frame, and whether the boards and frames match. A picture frame fence can be embellished with wood trim.

Lattice Top Fence

A lattice fence with decorative lattice is an example of a privacy fence variation. This concept can be taken a step forward by creative homeowners who incorporate lattice panels into the fence body to create a semi-private effect. Use a lattice section as the frame of a picture-frame fence or alternate solid and lattice boards.

Good neighbor Fence

The Good Neighbor Fence is another way to achieve privacy. A Good Neighbor Fence has the boards alternately attached to both sides of the rails. This style can be customized by adjusting the gap between each board.

Semi-Privacy Fence

Semi-private fences are a good option for homeowners who desire partial privacy but don't want to feel closed in. They are usually shorter and have smaller spaces between each board than privacy fences. You can achieve aesthetically pleasing results by adjusting the board and gap heights. Use tall thin boards placed 1/2 to 3/4 inches apart. Slotted fences will appear more open while height gives the impression of privacy.

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