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What Are The Benefits And Risks Of Plastic Surgery

The United States economy is still slowing down, but more Americans are having plastic surgery. The American Society for Aesthetic Cosmetic Surgery reports that over 13 millions cosmetic procedures took place in the United States last year. The increase is about 5%.

Breast augmentation (318 123), liposuction 289,00016 and blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery, (152 123) are the most popular.

Can cosmetic surgery be dangerous? helpful hints.

Many people want to seem younger. With plastic surgery, confidence increases. They feel more confident and look better. Employers are more likely to hire them if they find the person attractive. Dieting alone will not help you get back to your younger appearance. The surgery can.

Aging today is an insult against the culture. Being older, when so many Silicon Valley billionaires are still under 30, isn't a sign that you have wisdom and prosperity. According to a study by ASAPS, students could easily identify those who had cosmetic surgery and were 10 years younger.

Plastic surgery today is still not an easy procedure - despite all the improvements in technology. It is important to note that the surgery itself has risks.

Blood Clots

Blood loss that was unexpected or excessive


-tissue death


Feelings of pain or loss can change.

The healing process is incomplete

-anesthesia malfunction


Secondary surgery

No satisfaction is felt with the results

-nerve damage

The need for more surgery is inevitable

Costs may lead to bankruptcy or high debt

You should not ignore the last option. It isn't cheap, even though cosmetic surgery in America can be popular. An average breastlift ranges between $3,000 and $6,000, while a facelift is typically priced from $4,000 up to $10,000. Many employer-sponsored health insurance plans do not cover cosmetic procedures unless they are related to illness or an accident. In countries that have government insurance, cosmetic surgeries are excluded.

Spend less on Plastic Surgery in Mexico.

Mexico offers a lot of opportunities to save. Americans are able to easily visit places such as Tijuana. Mexicali. Ciudad Juarez as well as Puerto Vallarta. They are very welcoming.

Mexico has been the scene of many scams, including charlatans who promise miracle cures or offer unbelievable prices. Mexico boasts many hospitals and doctors who are as competent and professional as their counterparts in the U.S. Some of them are linked to American hospitals.

When performed by highly-skilled surgeons, in clean and modern hospitals, it is possible to save up 90 % on cosmetic surgery in the USA. Many hospitals arrange transportation to and from the airport, border crossings or other destinations. Patients can be offered a safe and comfortable place to recuperate, preferably far away from dangerous or violent areas.

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