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The White House is awash with flagpoles

The flagpole at the White House may have inspired you to search for the American Flag. When it comes time to display or hoist the American Flag, the White House doesn't play around. This sturdy pole, which can be found atop this recognizable building, represents our country's strength and cohesiveness. It has been built to endure the test of time. Following is a description of some of the flagpoles found in the White House. Article source!

North Flagpole This flagpole is made of Douglas Fir and stands 70 feet tall. On the North Lawn, it's where you can find the American Flag when the flag is being used.

South Flagpole. With a 60-foot height, this flagpole is only slightly shorter than North Flagpole. This steel flagpole stands next to Oval Office. From this flagpole, the United States flag is flown.

Old Glory flagpole can be found on the South Portico in the White House. It is used for special events, like Independence Day or the time when Presidents deliver important addresses. This flagpole has a 45-foot height and is made from mahogany.

West Wing Flagpole - The American flag is hoisted every day at the West Wing's flagpole. West Wing Flagpole. This flagpole has a height of 30 feet and is made out of aluminum. This aluminum flagpole has a 30 foot height.

The First Ladies Garden Flagpole. The first lady's personal flag is flown by a small flagpole in her garden. It is called "The First Lady's Garden" Flagpole. This flagpole, which is made from brass and is 12 feet in height, is not very impressive.

These flagpoles serve different purposes in the American flag display. Each flagpole was made to last, whether it's the North Flagpole in its splendor or the West Wing Pole with its practicality. They all flew our nation's flag proudly.

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