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The Pages Every Church Website may Have

Websites include a variety pages that allow visitors to find out more about the site. Three pages are critical when it comes church websites. These pages are fundamental, regardless of your other activities. Even if your site is very basic, visitors will still expect at minimum six pages. These pages are essential in providing information to empower individuals so that they can make their decision whether or not to join your church. Article source!


You want as many people attending your events as possible. It's not easy to make the event public. Even your members can forget the precise date and hour if it isn’t available during business hours. A dedicated Events page, with current dates and times, will allow people to quickly recall all your church events.


If you include sermons on a website, it will give information to visitors about your church. This page is vital for all churches and it's one of the most important. The way the sermons are delivered can have a significant impact on a person's decision to choose a church. It is an individual decision. People may prefer to test-drive sermons privately than in public.


Giving is vital to churches and keeps them operating. Without tithing, a church cannot be effective in serving its members or the local community. Giving pages are a top-ranked church website. The best thing is that these five additional pages describe your church's mission, the reasons it matters to the community and how visitors can benefit. You have already established a rapport and not asked for donations.

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