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The Best Way to Clean A Flooded House

You can clean your home after a flood in several ways. Start by checking the submerged articles, then turn off the electricity. Bring the water damaged restoration equipment to the proper place. Check out these our site tips for cleaning houses that have been affected by floods.

Take care with the electricity

You should always make sure to dry the area before you shut off any power.

Gas cylinders should always be shut off. Close all windows immediately and evacuate the building if you detect the smell.

Return home as fast you can so you won't have the need to turn on your lights.

* Don't use candles. Use only a flash light.

Make the Cleaning

Cleaning walls, floor, stairs and furniture with soap and warm water is a good idea. Instead, mix water with disinfectant or chlorine.

• Be cautious when cleaning items that may come into contact or be in direct contact with foodstuffs such as kitchen shelves and cabinets, fridges, dining table, cutlery, etc.

Remember to keep the kids' play area clean.

If you have items such as mattresses that are not washable, then it is best to let them dry in the sunshine. Spray the surface with a disinfectant.

Cleaning your carpet is easy.

How to remove objects from your house that can’t be easily cleaned or broken?

Clean the house with waterproof rubber gloves and boots if water is still present.

Home washing

The house should be opened if there have been a couple of days since it was shut. It is best to leave it open for about 30 minutes.

* Once you have verified that it is safe for use, switch on the fans immediately. In order to keep mold at bay, it is essential to exhaust damp air.

* Don't forget, after cleaning up the house and your home, to wash all of your clothes with running water.

Please keep your kids and pets outside.

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