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The Best Deck Materials: Which One Is Right for You?

Which deck material is best for you? Which material is the best? Which is more durable? Which one is easiest to maintain Which one is more costly? Or the most expensive? Or the most? You'll probably stay with this product for a while - recommended reading.

All these questions will be answered and many other questions can also be found here. There is no one solution to all deck material queries. You may need different materials depending on your particular situation. Let's take a look at all the options so you can make an informed and confident decision. One that you will be proud to remember for many years.

There are four main materials you can use to make decks: aluminum, composite plastic, plastic, aluminum and aluminum. Let's have a closer look at each to help you decide which material is best for you.


Wood is the most preferred material for decks. A deck is a popular feature in 85 percent of single-family houses. The majority of decks made from wood, most often pressure-treated pine, are high quality. This is why treated lumber is very popular. Yellow pine is durable. You will be impressed by its dimension. Most people simply say that it is strong. It is easy to find and relatively inexpensive. Treated lumber looks amazing after it's been stained. It is possible to finish it once it has weathered. Yellow pine is very easy to cut, nail, and screw. However, it's not as durable than other products. If you take the time to maintain your treated lumber deck, you can expect at least 15 year of service. Yes, you will need it to be cleaned, sanded and refinished every two years. It should also be cleaned at least once a year. It is better not to focus on the initial price but the long-term implications. Although the estimates might vary, it is more affordable to treat pine than to buy wood that will last longer. It is important to keep the initial cost under 8 years if you wish to lower it. Let's take a look at some other wood species.


Redwood is an excellent deck material. Redwood comes in many grades. The part of the tree from which the wood is taken determines its grade. The most valuable and highest quality heartwood is available. This wood comes from within the core of the tree. The best choice for decks is "Construction Heart" or "Select hearts". For up to 30 year use, heartwood can be found in favorable climates. Even in the most severe climates, heartwood will remain strong for at least 20 more years. Use only the grade that has been pressure treated. These woods and harder woods need to be drilled before you attach the boards. This will prevent splitting. Redwood's brownish-red colour is stunning over time. Although redwood still requires maintenance, it is much easier to care for than pressure treated pine. Redwood costs approximately three times as much as pressure treated pine. It is important to keep labor costs in line.

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