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The Apps Are There To Assist You When Inspiration Strikes

No matter the age of technology, it is not uncommon for a writer keep a notebook handy at all times check this. A prolific blogger relies on regular content production to build high search relevance and strong social media followers. It's easy to fall prey to the temptation to keep your eyes on the computer. It's tempting to be overloaded with ideas and topics, so you need to plan everything and get it down on paper. This will ensure that your business is still in demand. Sometimes, however, you might have to go out to eat, board a flight, or even go to church.

Even though your pastor might frown at you tweeting during sermons - that handy handheld gadget can still be a blessing when you aren't working. To enhance your marketing on-the-go, you need to be able to focus creatively and generate ideas even if you are unable or unwilling to work.

There are many advantages to writing notes on your BlackBerry or Android smartphone. Tumblr allows users to post updates with ease. Many Twitter clients are available for reading and writing quick tweets. To increase your productivity and help you travel more efficiently, there are special apps. Some are free, while others may cost extra and not all apps are compatible across all devices. But if you have the funds to explore them all, you might find you can take a walk outside and get more inspiration for your business.

Think Now, Tweet Later. Remember the Seinfeld episode when George drove away from a meeting because he was being zinged on by a colleague and only when he's removed from the situation does George think of a good retort? It happens all the time. It's not uncommon for ideas to pop into our heads at the most inopportune time. George may be fine if he had Twitter Access. However, all of us can make use of the Birdhouse App. Birdhouse uses a similar concept to the IPhone Notes Application. Birdhouse stores your tweets so you can use them later. Birdhouse allows you to store business news, and it helps you stay within the 140-character limit. Once your tweets reach the draft stage you can post from multiple accounts. Also, you can email a backup copy. This handy tool will be useful to businesses who rely on Twitter for information. (iPhone, $1.99)

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