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Stock trading is completed by the investor and the broker or the bank. Trading is done by traders to invest money into a particular type of stock so they can increase their money 股票買賣.

Many strategies are used by traders to profit on the stock exchange. Most popular are the strategies that have an opportunity to earn money quickly.

1). Intraday Trading is another name for day trading. All processes are completed within a day, including buying and selling. Short term trading is when a trader buys a stock and sells it in the afternoon. Profit or loss is determined by the difference in the price of buying and selling the stock. Day trading allows you to trade without having overnight stocks held. The stocks are all held in one day.

2). Swing Trading is a medium-term trading. The trader holds the stock for only 1 to 2 weeks. Swing traders usually deal with stocks that are active. Swing traders buy stock when it is at its lowest value, and sell them as soon as they rise.

3). Trading and value investing are both very risky. Traders buy stocks at low prices, and then wait to see if they will rise in value. In this case, traders hope that the price of stocks will eventually increase. The traders are responsible for all the research and analysis. This type of trading is not popular among most traders.

4). One of the most common techniques is growth investing. The companies show their growth rate, and the average growth is shown. In this type of trading, shares are likely to be more expensive than in other types. This is a very low-risk trading method. The traders invest their money for many years in this type of trading.

Most people become stock traders after they learn how to trade on the market. Stock trading is a low-cost activity, but it comes with high risks and complexity. Brokerage fee is charged by the bank or brokerage company for each transaction. Stock traders who are looking to earn money on the share market still have many options.