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Prescription Drug Rehab

Prescription Drugs are mood-altering Prescription Drugs which have not been approved by any healthcare provider. Addicts addicted to drugs prescribed by physicians abuse their medications, read here.

The drug withdrawal and constant craving are the symptoms when not using it. These drugs can be obtained by any means, legal or illicit. Many Americans are affected by this problem. The addiction is as dangerous as illegal drugs or alcohol. Rehab and medics must supervise the treatment of addiction.

To recover from Prescription Drug abuse, you need to receive Treatment, Counseling, Rehabilitation. The patients must be directed to rehabilitation centers which deal with substance, drug and alcohol abuse. Patients can also receive comprehensive counselling and treatment.

The drugs they prescribe are equally powerful to illicit ones. Early prescriptions may be for pain or sleep disorders, but become addictive. Prescription Drugs are divided into three types. The three main categories of prescription drugs are: opioids for treating pain, depressants CNS for anxiety disorders or insomnia and stimulants for ADHD.

Narcotics such as Morphine (a commonly prescribed pain reliever) and Codeine are often used to treat symptoms, like cough disorders or surgery-related discomfort. This drug attaches to opioid receptors. It stops pain signals from being transmitted to the brain. It is possible to become addicted after taking the prescribed dosage and take both legal as well as illegal action in order to get it.

These drugs are used in the treatment of anxiety and insomnia. The drug works by reducing brain activity. Barbiturates, like Valium and Pro Som (benzodiazepines), are also used to decrease brain activity. If these drugs are taken continuously, it can lead to physical dependency and withdrawal symptoms. CNS medications slow down the brain's activity to cause withdrawal symptoms. When they are stopped, this can result in a brain that is racing or seizures. The combination of these drugs with alcohol can lead to death.

Brain stimulants can improve your brain's function. Ritalin, or Dexedrine, increases levels of brain chemicals stimulating like dopamine. Short-term use can lead to paranoia. This can lead to high body temperature or irregular heartbeats. The result can be a deadly seizure or cardiac failure.

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