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Plastic Surgery Facial for A Fresher Look

You don't need to worry about aging anymore, with today's plastic surgery. This is very true when it comes to your face. Numerous facial cosmetic surgery procedures can drastically improve the appearance of wrinkles or sagging, as well as fine lines. Facelifts, browlifts, rhinoplasty and surgery on the eyelids are all options. Discover more?


Facelift surgery is used to treat wrinkles in the face, as well sagging skin and jawline jowls. But, beware that it can't remove wrinkles at the corner of your mouth and around the eyes.

This type of plastic surgery may be performed by a number different methods including SMAS, Platysma-Lifts or S-Lifts. Mini-lifts are also available. Although each offers its own approach, the standard facelift is done by incisions made along the hairline as well as around the rear of the ears.

After removing the excess, the remaining skin is sutured back together at the incision line. The remainder of skin is then sutured to the original incision and repositioned. The muscles can be moved as well to produce the desired results. The majority of people think this is the best way to drastically turn back an aging facial clock.

Brow lift

When you are not sure if a whole facelift is necessary, you can consider having a browlift. A browlift can actually produce an appearance that is smoother and younger. Like the facelift procedure, small incisions will be made along the hairline at the temples or in the area of the forehead.

After the skin has been loosened, it is pulled tight to remove any excess. It is then resewn. Scars will be more easily covered by hair.


Rhinoplasty refers to nose surgery. It is possible to have the nose you've always desired with rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty often comes with a full or partial health insurance coverage because it may help the patient to breathe better.

Incisions can be made either on the outside or inside of the nostril. This is followed by the removal of the nasal tissue from beneath the skin. For example, the surgeon may insert a nasal bridge implant or shape the tip.

Eyelid surgery

You can also call it blepharoplasty. Medical and cosmetic purposes can both be used for eyelid surgeries. While some people are able to see clearly, others have drooping eyelids.

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