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Perfume – How to use it right!

In a closed space such as an office cubicle or elevator we've all encountered someone whose scent is overwhelming. This overwhelming fragrance can leave you with headaches for days! I'm sure you can recall smelling someone's pleasant perfume as you passed them by. The right perfume is a treat for the senses. It can even be overpowering when not applied correctly, read this!

How to use perfume in a way that everyone can enjoy it.

You should choose a fragrance which appeals to all your senses, and that gets you most compliments.

You can choose a scent to match the mood or time of day. In spring and the summer, you may choose to wear a more delicate scent. In winter however, a strong fragrance is recommended. The daytime is the perfect time to use a light citrusy or floral scent as it's subtle. However, if you want a strong spicy or musky aroma for the evening then i would suggest a heavier fragrance.

Test out perfumes before you purchase them. The fragrance may be great on the card test, but might not work well on skin. Test the perfume before you buy it to find out how your skin will react.

Over spraying is not recommended. Choose a few points to apply perfume, such as wrists on either side of the elbow and nape of neck. You should apply your perfume to pulse points because these are most sensitive.

Spray a fine mist of fragrance into the atmosphere and then walk around it. Use this method to cover yourself in a delicate fragrance during the day.

A subtle perfume can be worn by spraying some mist in your hair.

Do not spray perfume too near yourself. The scent should be a fine mist, not a concentration. It is helpful to hold the container a few feet away from your skin. This will help the fragrance spread over more area.

Try spraying the perfume before you wear your clothes. In this way, your perfume will have a more subtle scent and remain longer on the skin. Using this method, you can also avoid staining clothes as some perfumes damage fabrics.

You should not spray perfume continuously throughout the day as this will increase its intensity and overwhelm the smell.

You and your friends will benefit greatly from wearing the right scent and applying it correctly. The most expensive perfumes are usually high end brands. Shop around to get the best price. Discounted designer and signature perfumes are not cheap. You can find cheap perfumes online.

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