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MT4 – Customize Your Trading Experience

Hey, trading trendsetters! You want to make your forex mt4 look and feel just like it stepped right off the runway in a high-fashion fashion show related site. Perhaps you prefer something more comfortable like an old pair of jeans which fits perfectly? MetaTrader 4 allows you to customize and curate your own trading environment. This is especially true on the FXCM Markets stage. Come and join me as we create your perfect trading environment.

1. Unleash the inner Picasso with Charts

The backdrop of your financial dream can be refreshing.

Palette play: Click on 'Properties (or press F8). Try out different colors on each element.
Chart Type Tango - Bar? Candlestick? Line? Pick your partner in the toolbar.

2. Dressing up Templates

Save your styles settings using templates! Once you've styled a particular chart, simply right-click on it and choose Template>, then Save Template>. There's no need to get dressed up every time.

3. Custom Indicators - A Great Way to Personalize Your Car

FXCM Markets' closet contains a variety of bespoke, MT4-compatible indicators.

Fitting Room - Navigate to 'Navigator,' find the indicator you want, drag and drop it on your chart.

Accessorize by right-clicking on your chart. Select 'Indicators Listing' and then Edit' to change settings.

4. Let'sTalk Toolbars

All your trading tools are at the click of a button! Then, right-click the toolbar to select 'Customize,' and add or remove any icons you want. The same as deciding what shoes look best with an outfit.

5. Magnify and Minimize

Zoom in and out with the +' or -' keys. Take a closer look at the market or take a bird’s eye view.

6. Glitz it up with graphical objects

MT4 gives you the ability to sketch anything from Fibonacci retracements or trend lines on your charts. Doodle on your charts with the line studies tools!

7. Set the Mood With Alerts

Want to get a friendly reminder when EUR/USD hits an important note? You might want a friendly nudge to remind you to take a short break. Navigate to 'Alerts" tab in 'Terminal window' and set your criteria. Then, let MT4 serenade at the appropriate moment.

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