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Making Money Online Fast: Unmasking the Myth

The myth about making money online quickly, more help?

We have all seen the advertisements promising us to make hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars online within a few days if our purchase this or that (often quite costly) program.

Perhaps we secretly wish that it were possible. It would be like winning big!

Let me be very clear from the beginning: many of these ads have been fraudulent.

Unless you have extensive online resources or vast knowledge and expertise in the field of online marketing, you won't be able to make hundreds of bucks a day online (regularly), in just a few days or even weeks.

Every type of business requires experience, time and, in the instance of an online company, many skills. People need to acquire skills when they decide they want make money online.

Most of these ads, if they are not all, play with the relativity between words like "fast", and "quick". fast as well as quick can only be understood when used in a comparable context.

If we compare the evolutions of most real-world businesses with those of online companies, we can conclude that certain online businesses are more profitable than real-world ones. You have to consider that most brick and mortar businesses require loans in order to start up. You will need to repay the loan before you can start making real money.

In most cases, it will take years before an offline company can start to make serious money.

You can do this much faster with an online company. It's possible if your business is online.

What they don’t say

In all honesty I will admit that not all ads and programs are legitimate. They do however offer the possibility to quickly start making money.

But, they often don't tell all the details in the ads.

First of all money, as with all businesses, means speed. If you can afford to spend $1000 every month on top of the program fee, you'll be making more money online than someone who can only afford $100 per month.

Because most marketing and outsourcing are expensive, it is important to remember that the cost of these services is not part of the original fee. You will see faster results if you have more money.

Second, any kind of business creation takes time and effort. YOU are the only person who can make it work.

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