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Look for Moldavites on the Fields

Every day I drive by fields where moldavites may be found. I look forward to the spring and autumn seasons, when the farmers are plowing the earth. I finally saw a tractor driving over a stubblefield. It was also dry and I didn't have the time to go back the next day. After it has rained, or during :-)). is the best time to look for Moldavites. Moldavite is easier to spot because its surface is reflective. I decided to try my luck the next morning, click for source?

I was fortunate that it had rained the previous morning. Unfortunately, the afternoon brought me a surprise: there were eight people standing bent over looking at the ground. A small area of the field meant that I could not see how any Moldavites would be left.

Maybe next year I'll have my chance. The agricultural machines :-). once again will turn the earth.

It is still very popular to look for Moldavites. Unfortunately, finding a moldavites is becoming less common.

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