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How to Make a Profit Selling Collectible Video Games On eBay

First, it is important to understand the factors that could make a game collectible. A collectible is by its nature rare and sought-after by collectors continued. While many games are scarce, collectors do not want them. They are rare simply because they weren’t as good. They didn't sell well so their printings were very low. We are looking for rare and desirable games. It could be that the game is part or a popular series. RPGs are also collectibles for a variety of reasons. RPG players are natural collectors. It doesn't matter what the reason is, how do you determine which games are collectible?

Many will tell you that you should buy a price list or do market research. A price guide is inaccurate. The price of goods is constantly changing in today's age of Amazon, eBay, Amazon, and e-stores. Market research may produce better results, but you will now be investing more money, which could reduce your profits. Instead, you can choose a gaming platform that interests you and research it. You can find the right category of games by going to or Ok, now select Sort by Price: First. The games that have the highest sales for this system will be listed first. You can now begin to create a list with the games you want to buy and resell. It's a smart idea to look at multiple markets before you decide if a certain game is really collectible. (or and eBay are great options. If the game has a high value on all three sites, then it is likely to be a collectible.

Now, you can start compiling the list of games you wish to buy and/or sell. has a wonderful buying wizard. This was formerly called a preorder list. Instead of purchasing an item at its regular price, you can set a preorder price that you are willing and able to pay. A seller may offer the item at a price you prefer, and it will be bought automatically. This is a great way to save money on games. It can be used to serve as your main listing. You can also save favorite eBay searches with specific prices and run them occasionally to hunt for bargains. Let's now get to the point. We will show you how to determine how much you are willing and able to pay for a collector game.

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