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How long will it take for roof repairs to be completed?

It is important to consider the square footage and size of the house when determining how much time it is going to require to finish the project. A commercial building of one million square feet will obviously take more time than a small home or office - get the facts!

A typical reroofing task can be completed within a few short days. Most of the time, and weather permitting of course, we are able to reroof any 5,000 sq. ft. building within two working days.

There are some very large roofing firms that can do tear-off jobs in one day. But that's only possible if they have more than 50 workers at their site. Roofers should have the ability to complete a project of up to 5,000 square-feet in just two days.

Some contractors will use the phasing system to handle larger jobs. It means, for example, that when a roof is bigger than average and needs to be replaced more than once a day then phasing will only remove x amount of roof each time.

A phasing job involves tearing off a section of roof each morning. That same area is then re-roofed the following day. In the evening, the waterproofing of the new seam marks the point where the project stopped. In the morning, you will begin by ripping out the seam of water that has just been installed.

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