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Home Energy Services: Why Every Home Should Have An Energy Audit

There are ways to make your home more efficient, regardless of what kind of house you live in. Houses of any age can be made more efficient by making small improvements that can help homeowners save a lot of money each year. You can imagine how much you spend every year on energy services. Visit our website and learn more about PorchLight Home Energy Assessors.

* Do you believe there are steps you can take to reduce your energy consumption?
* Do you have any concerns about your home?
* Did you know that you could save as much as $2,000 per year just by making some small changes to your home's design?
* Do you know how to make your home more efficient?

These questions can be answered easily by homeowners through a home audit. Some will argue that you should do it yourself but it's best to have it done by professionals. Although you might be able to make some minor repairs around the house, professionals will know the best ways to increase your homes efficiency.

A home energy audit is the first step towards sustainability. The truth is that every home should have a home energy audit. You could see a significant difference in your utility bills if the audit is done correctly.

How does an energy audit function?

An energy audit of your home will examine it in depth to find energy inefficiencies. Home energy service companies will carry out a detailed assessment of your home using diagnostic tools to identify areas that could be improved. A home energy audit takes between 2-6 hours, depending on how big your house is and what issues are found. The assessments include:

* A thorough inspection of all appliances and equipment
* An analysis of your utility bill
* Assessment of heat transfer and airflow in the building envelope
* An analysis of the effect of occupancy, weather and use on the building
* A visual inspection of all windows, doors and other fenestration

Home energy service companies will conduct an analysis of the data and produce a report based on the findings. These findings will lead to a personalized recommendation.
Your home will receive a sustainability project plan. This plan will be tailored to fit your budget and needs.

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