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Healing Gemstones

Bling! Rubys and Rhinestones now are the most popular gemstones blog here. Your social rings can shine and sparkle in confidence! Your first diamond was? Remember how your stomach flipped and your face glowed just to see it...when you placed it on your neck you felt even more confident...special...and happy just to have it shining on you!

The special nature of these goods was evident from the very beginning! These products were also rare to their distributors. Gemstones have a much higher value today than before. Gemstones are seen in a whole new light by modern medicine doctors, as well as alternative healing practitioners. The evidence is growing that gemstones have healing properties. Let this not be an excuse for you to pass up that bracelet or pendant you saw in the jewelry show last week. There's your perfect excuse in front of you.

Bling has become a very popular fashion trend. In every room, you can see bling. Many have used them for decades, even if they are only now being used to treat medical conditions.

Acupuncturists, traditional medicine doctors and complementary practitioners all know that gemstone therapies are a valid treatment. It is now possible to see the value added in beautiful jewelry, which you may admire every day. Also known as Energy Medicine, this treatment is on the cutting edge of modern medicine. Even though modern medicine physicians remain sceptical, many people grow tired of treatments and medications that fail or cause side effects. It's also a source of glamour! There are many professional athletes that use gemstones for healing, improving their game and improving performance.


Glenn Christiansen, Sweden's Olympic record holder, has recommended Green Tourmaline pendants to athletes. He added that he felt stronger and recovered faster after his training sessions with the Green Tourmaline necklace.

Gems has been used to help athletes compete in many sports.

Bike riding
And even marathon runners

Bonnie Hunt and Halley Barry (TV actresses) are also known to have worn gemstones. She feels calmer while wearing mother of Pearl necklaces. Gemstone therapy is a great way to achieve that "red carpet" look.

Gemstone therapy grows in popularity. It is used to treat emotional, physical or spiritual problems. Michael Katz explains in his book Gemstone Energy medicine how the human field of energy is affected by interconnection. It also transforms the energies.

Gem therapy is gaining popularity among physicians and alternative medicine professionals. It is effective in many areas that traditional medicine has failed to treat. You have the choice to use gem therapy.

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