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Get to the bottom of carpet cleaning: The art and science behind plush perfection!

Carpet cleaning is a service that can be found in all kinds of homes, whether they are busy or serene. The desire to have clean and plush carpets unites them. The truth is, daily vacuuming or spot-cleaning are necessary, but every carpet craves a deeper clean. Consider it a "spa day" for your carpets. Learn the fine art of deep cleaning carpets. About our company.

Select Your Potion. All carpets, like all cleaning solutions for carpets, are not created equal. If it is a pre-made solution from a shop or you make your own with white vinegar and a little water, it should be suited to the carpet.

Are you battling stubborn stains or spots? Before you do a deep clean, pay attention to these spots and stains. Dishwashing liquid and baking soda are both effective. Remember to first test the area.

Vacuum vigorously. Before you begin any deep-cleaning, it is important to vacuum thoroughly. The dirt, dust and pet dander are removed, which prepares the carpet to receive the following stages.

Use a carpet washer to shampoo your carpet? Slowly and carefully move the carpet. A pad can become moldy if it is soaked in too much liquid. Two slow passes are better than several rapid ones.

Rinse & Repeat : Use the rinse mode on your machine after you've finished shampooing. This will remove all residue. Sticky carpets are not a good thing!

It is vital to ventilate the room after you've cleaned it. You can open the windows or use fans to create a gentle breeze. It's all about the aim. As quickly as you can, dry the carpet.

Fluff & Buff : Use a soft bristled brush after the carpet has been dried to gently fluff its fibers. It will bring back the plushness of your carpet and make it look just as good as it felt.

Find the Difference. After deep cleaning, your carpet will literally take on a different light. Brighter, cleaner, and so inviting!

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