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Eco-Essentials Dry Carpet Cleaners for the Environmentally Conscious Homeowner

A green revolution is brewing right under our feet clicking here. In the wake of our growing environmental consciousness, we have turned our attention to eco-friendly ways of drying wet carpets. The chemical-laden carpet cleaning solutions of the past are no longer relevant. Green carpeting is now the way to go! Eco-friendly dry cleaning includes plant-based cleaners and energy-saving techniques.

Why Green Your Carpet?

When traditional carpet cleaning methods are used, they often contain chemicals that may harm the environment if washed out. Green methods use biodegradable non-toxic products.
Dry cleaning is more energy efficient than other methods of cleaning, because it uses less water and requires less drying time, which may require heaters or fan.
Reduced Waste: Less water is wasted when you use less. Biodegradable cleaning products are also less harmful to the environment.
Eco-Friendly Dry Carpet Cleaner Techniques

Plant-based solutions: The carpet cleaning market is flooded with powders and sprays derived from plants. These solutions are effective and degrade naturally, without harming the planet.

Encapsulation with Biobased Polymers: This is the same as standard encapsulation except that the polymers are made from renewable resources. Once these eco-friendly plastics are vacuumed up, they naturally decompose.

Choose cleaning compounds that are made with natural ingredients, such as maize and plant materials. The organic compounds can be sprinkled on the carpet to absorb dirt and then vacuumed up.

Recycled absorbent pads are available if you like the method of using an absorbent pad or bonnet. They are equally effective and provide a second use for waste materials.

Create your own carpet-cleaning solutions at home! Baking soda will refresh and deodorize while white vinegar will remove tougher stains. Test a hidden section of your carpet prior to tackling the whole thing.

Green Maintenance Tips

Vacuuming regularly is an easy and effective way to maintain your carpets.
Spot Clean As Soon as Possible: Use green cleaning solutions immediately to remove spills and prevent them from setting.
Allowing fresh air to enter the house can reduce the need to clean as well as odors.
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