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Considered: Water Tank Size for Aircraft Washing Rigs

An overseas friend was building a mobile aircraft washing system that could clean and go on the ramp. He also had a garage to work in but realized that when washing an aircraft, he would most likely have to do it outside. These aircraft required him to have a large water tank in his washing machine. I asked him: "Approximately how much water did you use when washing the aircraft?" This is a complex topic that requires consideration of many factors important site.

You see, the water tanks used by our aircraft cleaning franchisees varied in size. A 250 gallon water tank might be sufficient for those who work at smaller airports. Others who wash multiple aircraft weekly may need a 450 gallon water container. If you only use 4 gallons per min and spray for less than 20 minute, you will only use 80 gallons. Even if you have cleaned three or four planes, you still need a break.

It is because of this that I respond to his question by saying "various sizes according to the job, the airport and the mix of aircraft type." Normally, a 500-gallon tank suffices to clean a line or flight school aircraft. A smaller tank is enough for corporate jet cleaning. For larger jobs, a 1000 gallon tank will be required. You'll also need a larger reclaim system. The worst thing is running out of water. If you don't have enough, it can lead to your job being halted. This will slow down your washing machine and make it less efficient.

The mistake of simply buying a huge water tank that can do all the jobs is also wrong. Take into account that 8 pounds of water per gallon is the average weight. For example, if you drive a 1 ton pickup truck remember that one ton equals 2000 lbs. This means that you will be four times more overweight if your truck weighs in at 8000 pounds. It is possible to fill up the water tank of that truck with 8000 lb.

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