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When it comes to cleaning their carpets, most people think about steam cleaning. But there's another way. It's much more effective and is just as effective. Dry foam is the carpet cleaning technique I am referring too. The dry foam cleaning method is not as dry as it sounds, but professionals refer this as dry because of the low moisture content, helpful hints.

How it works

The specialized shampoo is what makes dry foam carpet cleaning so powerful. The chemical process of encapsulation. Encapsulation technology, a cleaning process that traps dirt in a suspension. These particles then crystallize and can be removed by a carpet cleaner. This technique is equally effective in removing dirt and stains than steam cleaning. However, it's important to employ a professional who has expertise in this type of carpet cleaning. Although steam machines can be very easy to use and dry foam carpet cleaning requires more skill than the machine,

Berber carpets are best maintained with dry foam carpet cleaning. Berber carpets have a looped pattern, so dirt can be trapped at the base. When steam cleaning is used, water is pumped into the carpet. Then, a high-pressure vacuum extracts the dirt from the carpet. The combination of the shampoo and an encapsulation formula that is applied to the carpet with a brush allows for a cleaner carpet. The brush spins fast enough to vibrate the carpet's base and loosen the soil trapped beneath it.

It's Healthier

It is a problem when steam cleaning carpets. The carpet can be damaged by the excess water it dries and this can lead to color bleeding, shrinkage and discoloration. However, mould and mildew can cause serious health issues. If you steam clean your carpets, the water gets infiltrating the underpad. This creates an ideal environment for mold and mildew formation.

Mould, a type of fungus, is found in moist environments. The spores are full of allergens and irritants. Health Canada warns that mould growth in residential properties can be a danger to your health. Living in an area with mould growth is a risk factor for health problems such as headaches, wheezing, coughing, and wheezing. Asthmatics may be particularly at risk since mould may trigger asthma attacks.

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