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Carpet Cleaning La Cove Answers All Your Rug Cleaning Questions

Rugs are a great way to add warmth and elegance to your home read more here. So, whether you have soft shags in your living area or a colorful Persian rugs in your dining space, taking care of the rug is essential to maintaining its beauty. Rug cleaning can, however, be a difficult task, especially if your don't even know where to begin. In order to help you out, we've compiled the most common questions asked about rug washing and the answers provided by carpet cleaning cammeray.

How often is it recommended that I clean my carpet?

The answer depends on how much people walk and use the rug. You should clean your rug every six month in areas where there is a lot foot traffic. For example, the living or hallway. A bedroom or other less-frequently-used areas can be cleaned once a year.

Q: Am I able to wash my rug?

A: Although there are many DIY rug cleaners, we suggest using a company with a good reputation like Carpet Cleaning Lane Cove. DIY techniques or incorrect cleaning supplies can cause your rug's color to fade and shrink.

How can I remove pet stains on my rug

A: It is difficult to remove pet stains. The first step involves using a cloth to remove the stain as much as possible. Dab the stain using a mix of white water and vinegar. In the event that color fades, call a professional rug cleaner.

Q: How can a wool carpet be cleaned?

Wool rugs must be cleaned gently. Avoid hot water and abrasive products when cleaning your wool rugs. You can achieve the best results by hiring a professional rug company that is specialized in cleaning wool.
A rug is a common type of carpet.
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