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Carpet Cleaner Company to remove cat urine from carpet

Keep cats as pets is fun. Cats have a tendency to mark areas with their urine. This is true even though the cats will not hesitate to pee on home furnishings like carpets. In the absence of immediate removal, urine odors will persist for a long time. To get rid of this smell, call the service for carpet cleaning in North Shoree, read here!

1. The source of the smell should be traced. As carpet absorbs water rapidly, you need to locate the source immediately. It's also important to note that because cats tend to urinate the same location, the smell can become difficult to remove.

3. Use paper towel or rags. To remove the most cat litter possible, you'll need to use paper towels or rags. Do not hesitate to set your wet vacuum remover on cold. Avoid rubbing the carpet. This will cause your cat to pee more than usual. Use steam cleaners sparingly, since heat can make cat urine smells more difficult.

3. You can use an enzymatic cleanser to get rid of stubborn stains. The cleaner uses enzymes which help remove stubborn stains. This can be purchased at most pet stores. When you can't locate one, mix vinegar (white apple cider or white) with 1:1 water to make your home-made cleaner. It will also neutralize bacteria that are present in the urine of your cat.

Let the solution rest for three to five minutes, or follow carefully the directions found on the cleaning products label. Important because cats often urinate on the same spots. After cleaning well, hopefully he won't remember to mark the spot.

4. Towel and water are the best way to clean. Remember to always use cold, damp water when cleaning with a towel. Use a moistened towel to remove the enzyme cleaner. Sprinkle baking powder on carpets and let them sit for a few hours before vacuuming. This will help eliminate cat urine odors.

5. Cleanse the room. If you want to make your room smell fresher, spray a laundry or room deodorizer after the clothing is dry.

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