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Can a Mosquito Misting System Help You in Winter?

Insecticide is sprayed automatically around foliage by A-Niks Mosquito Misting System. If you spray in the direction of the underside or top of the leaf, it will kill the mosquitoes as soon as they land. You are creating a mosquito perimeter so only the ones within that perimeter will attack.

As most mosquito misting systems are biodegradable (which is the case), they will not last long. The protection, which is renewed automatically every time at predetermined intervals is irrelevant, however, as it is applied by the system. In order to answer the original question, yes. A mosquito spray can help during winter. This is not true, however it could help if winter temperatures exceed 50 degrees.

Activities of Mosquitoes and their Inactivity

All over the world, mosquitoes go dormant at 50F. Some species remain active when temperatures are lower, but in most southern states they die or become dormant as temperatures start to increase.

With the global warming and climate-change, however, it is impossible to know what winter or spring we will have next year. There is no doubt that the temperatures this winter will be higher than those of last year. Most people believe they'll be out earlier than usual next year. This will catch them unawares, before you get to spray mosquito repellent or put up an automatic mosquito misting device.

Although a system of mosquito misting is unlikely to help you during winter, it could be useful for spring installation. This will allow you to capture the mosquitoes who are just waking up, along with any larvae or pupae that may have survived the winter and become adults.

Mosquito Misting System Installation

In the winter months, most mosquito control firms are not in business. The global climate is changing and as temperatures rise in the late fall, winter and spring months, more mosquito misting equipment may be needed.

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