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Botox Fillers For Non-Surgical Facial Enhancement

Botox has been used in ophthalmology for many years visit website. Both men and women use it to achieve non-surgical facial rejuvenation. Botox's history in ophthalmology is long and it was first used to treat spastic conditions of the eyelids during 1980s. It is the best treatment available for blepharospasm. Many ophthalmologists who have used it for many years are still experts in its application.

Facial Fillers are a very popular alternative to non-surgical facial rejuvenation. They can be used on their own, but they can also work as an adjunct to Botox. The procedure is safe and restores lost volume below the skin. It helps to eliminate wrinkles as well as the emptiness that comes with aging. The areas around the eyes can also be restored to their former volume. Recent advances in the technology have produced far more natural, long-lasting results than before.

Botox can be a natural substance that is completely safe. It causes muscles to relax for about three or four months. Botox in high doses will cause muscles to be weaker, but lower doses of Botox are less noticeable. These effects will be used by your doctor to improve frowning lines between the brows as well as crow's foot at the outer corners, horizontal lines across the forehead, eyebrow height, and eyebrow shape. Botox can be used to treat vertical lines on the lips, a down-turn of the lip and twitching, spasm or twitching in the eyelids.

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