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Best Carpet Cleaning Method

The importance of carpet cleaning services is well known. A carpet cleaning service helps people lead a cleaner and healthier lifestyle. Carpet companies use different methods for different conditions. Here are some of the cleaning techniques that industry professionals use most often, helpful hints?

Hot-Water Extraction :

Steam cleaner is the name given to this particular method in the industry. Using high-pressure, hot water will dissolve dirt and stains. The hot water must be followed by a thorough rinsing to achieve the perfect result.

Usually, it will take 2 hours to thoroughly clean a carpet measuring 3000 Sq FT. It takes another 4 hours for the carpet to dry completely. In an office setting, you should start cleaning by the afternoon.

Carpet shampooing: –

It was done in the 70s, before encapsulation. There is an abundance of wet residue in the carpet after shampooing. It takes the carpet much longer to dry. A sticky carpet (because there is no rinsing) can also result in rapid resoiling.


Another method used by carpet cleaning companies, especially on lightly-soiled carpets. The base is made of a foam which crystallizes to powder. Dirt particles and stains are encapsulated in a powder that is removed with a vacuum or brush. It is easier to use and dries in a shorter time than traditional shampooing. Encapsulation is done by most services using environmentally-friendly products. This represents a major advancement.

The limitations of encapsulation may mean that it isn't the most suitable solution for carpets with heavy soiling.

Bonnet Cleaning

Bonnets can be used in surface processing. With bonnet, the upper part of carpet fibers will be treated. A heavy-duty motorized machine equipped with a spinning mat is used to carry out this process. This pad is able to remove all dirt on the carpet surface. The pad is mostly used in public areas such as hotels.

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